Starship Missions

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Starship Missions

Standard Starship Missions

  • Exploration- Return information about planets you visit.
  • Minesweep - Sweep or detect enemy minefields.
  • Kill!! - Attack any enemy ship or planet you encounter.
  • Sensor Sweep - Search for enemy colonies on nearby planets.
  • Land and Disassemble - Dismantle this ship on an owned or unowned planet.
  • Try to Intercept - Try to intercept the ship you have selected.
  • Beam up Fuel - from Planet you are over
  • Beam up Duranium - from Planet you are over
  • Beam up Tritanium - from Planet you are over
  • Beam up Molybdenum - from Planet you are over
  • Beam up Supplies - from Planet you are over

Ship Specific Missions

Missions Available to Cloak Capable Ships

  • Cloak - Make this ship invisible to enemies.

Missions Available To Torpedo Class Ships

Missions Available To bio Scanner Ships

Race Specific Missions

Birdmen Ships

Evil Empire Ships

Crystal Torp Class Ships

Lizard Ships With Beam Weapons

  • Hisssss! - Increase the happiness on the planet you orbit.

Federation Ships

  • Super Refit - Upgrade this ship to the best available parts. Must be at a starbase to work.

Rebel Ships

Colonial and Robotic Carrier Class Ships

Privateer Ships

  • Rob Ship - Rob an enemy ship of its fuel or cargo.
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