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Planets are natural Space Objects strewn throughout the galactic map. Each planet is assigned an ID and a name to differentiate itself from other planets in the galaxy. Each planet is different in its minerals and fuel that may be mined, and the densities thereof.

Ones expand their empire by colonizing and developing these planets. Naturally, every empire is going to want to expand as much as they can.

Each planet has a climate in the range from 0-100 degrees that is used to determine the conditions of the planet.


Main Article: Natives

Some planets carry these non-playable lifeforms known as natives. Natives can carry special abilities that may be used to (usually) aid an empire in its growth.

All non-Amorphous natives can be taxed to collect additional megacredits, but enough colonists must be present to collect the taxes in question.

Points in orange has different effects for ships using the Hyperdrive ability

Gravity wells

Each planet has Gravity wells (or simply warp wells) that ships may use to reduce fuel consumption. There are exceptions towards the rule, such as when a player suspects there may be a cloaker at the planet.


Taken from Donovans - Maximum structures:

Mines: one for every clan up to 200, above that it's 200+SQRT(clans-200)

Factories: one for every clan up to 100, above that it's 100+SQRT(clans-100)

Effectively this is one for every clan up to 101, due to SQRT(101-100) being 1

Defenseposts: one for every clan up to 50, above that it's 50+SQRT(clans-50)

NU: Uses the math.floor (truncate) function

THOST/PHOST: Uses the round function, so in some cases there can be one more item.

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