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Natives are found throughout the galaxy. Although they cannot move from planet to planet, they can still be discovered hiding underneath on any planets which do not currently have natives

From: Joes Planet ID#123
Native life has been discovered hiding on the planet!


For most races, these natives are essential to boosting the economy of an empire. They can be taxed for megacredits, and their benefits may assist in the overall well-being of the empire.

The Cyborg's assimilation allows for massive colonist outposts, with plenty of planetary structures. This comes at the expense of losing these native benefits.

Population Growth

As the natives have adapted to the climate conditions, they are always able to grow until they are at or over their growth limit. The formulas for maximum and growth for non-Siliconoid natives are as follows:

 \operatorname{max} =
 round(sin(3.14 * \frac{100 - temp}{100}) * 150000)

 \operatorname{growth} =
 round(sin(3.14 * \frac{100 - temp}{100}) * \frac{clans}{25} * \frac{5}{tax+5})

Like colonists, if the population is more than 6.6 million (or 66,000 clans), then growth is halved. Unlike the colonists, natives are allowed to exceed the maximum population allowed by the climate. They simply stop growing if they are at or beyond the max.

As a result, for natives that are close to their maximum, it may be advantageous to tax them (even if they are Amorphous) such that they are just below their maximum, and then let them grow fully by not taxing.

Siliconoid Growth

Siliconoids act nearly identically to Crystalline colonists in terms of growth and maximums.

 \operatorname{max} =
 1000 * temp

 \operatorname{growth} =
 round(\frac{temp}{100} * \frac{clans}{25} * \frac{5}{tax+5})

Additional Information

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