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The intercept mission allows a ship to attempt to intercept another. Intercepting ships move after regular ship movement.

Intercepting ships move in order of ID#, from lowest to highest. This fact is exploited by veteran players, where players try to avoid interception by enemy ships by intercepting other ships themselves. Ships with a higher ID# will in this way avoid an intercepting ship with lower ID#.

Intercepting ships with a cloaking devices do combat a bit differently. They do combat before normal ship-to-ship combat. They also do combat in reverse order of ID# (highest to lowest). In past versions of Host, Priority Intercept was called "cloaked intercept" but has been renamed in NuHost. In addition to Priority Intercept, NuHost has 2 other ways that ships with a cloaking device can intercept:

  • Priority Intercept is an advantage given to cloaking ships who are on an intercept mission. Cloaking ships will attack the ships they are set to intercept (if Primary Enemy is set) before regular combat. In this way, a cloaking ship can destroy a target ship, regardless of the combat order the defending player has chosen.
  • The Cloak & Intercept mission is available only at for Bird players, and only in Standard or Campaign modes. It is similar to priority intercept, except it allows a ship to remain cloaked while intercepting, as well as re-cloak after combat (if undamaged). You do not need to set PE for Cloak & Intercept mission; if you want, you can simply intercept a ship without attacking (and remain cloaked). This is useful if you want to tow away a ship from a fleet to attack or capture it. This can be quite deadly with a privateer ally, who can rob ships that you tow to them.
  • Re-cloak Intercept is a mission available only to the Deth Specula Stealth. It is like a normal Priority Intercept, except that the Deth Spec will re-cloak after destroying its target (if undamaged).

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