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Web mines are a special kind of space mines that can only be laid by The Crystal Confederation. All ships with torpedo launch tubes owned by the Crystallines can use the mission "Lay Web mines".

Like normal space mines, web mines will damage enemy ships that hit a webmine. The chance of hitting a web mine is higher than for hitting a normal mine, and disregards cloaking. Additionally, all ships that start inside a webmine field are drained of 25kT of fuel per web field per turn.

Web mines may be laid in the identity of a foreign player. This can be used to the Crystal's advantage, because of their web mine immunity; however, the foreign player may also travel them safely. They lack the constant passive drain effect, but still deal devastating damage, a forced stop, and fuel drain when triggered.

Trigger Effects

Webmines deal about 10% of normal damage to starships compared to normal space mines.

 \operatorname{damage} =
 floor(1000 / mass)

However, they will instantly stop any ships that trigger them (set to warp 0) and drain fuel. This fuel loss is in addition to the fuel that would have been used to arrive at the intended waypoint.

 \operatorname{drain} =
 max(50, ceil(fuel / 6))

Webmine lay

Web mines have the very same multipliers than normal mines when they are laid per torpedo.

Torpedo type Mine multiplier
Mark 1 Photon 1
Proton Torpedo 4
Mark 2 Photon 9
Gamma Bomb 16
Mark 3 Photon 25
Mark 4 Photon 36
Mark 5 Photon 49
Mark 6 Photon 64
Mark 7 Photon 81
Mark 8 Photon 100

Webmine sweep

Beams have a harder time sweeping web mines than they do normal mines.

Beam class Sweep multiplier Normal sweep rate Web sweep rate
Laser 1 4 3
X-Ray Laser 4 16 12
Plasma Bolt 9 36 27
Blaster 16 64 48
Positron Beam 25 100 75
Disruptor 36 144 108
Heavy Blaster 49 196 147
Phaser 64 256 192
Heavy Disruptor 81 324 243
Heavy Phaser 100 400 300

Default Host Settings for webmines:

Web mine decay rate: 5 %

Five percent of all webmines plus one additional webmine vanish from each webminefield each turn as a result of natural causes, like flying spacedebris.

Webminefield sweep rate: 3

One laser type beam on a ship will sweep three spacemines from a webminefield. Higher tech beams sweep more webmines, depending on their type.

Web minefield sweep range: 0

Webmines can only be swept from within the web.

Colonial fighter can sweep webs: NO

Because of the special nature of webmines, Colonial fighters can not sweep them as they can normal mines.

Mines destroy enemy webmines: NO

Minefields laid over webmines won't destroy the webmines (nor the other way around).

Odds of hitting a webmine per LY: 5%

The chance of hitting a webmine is higher than for normal minefields, at 5% per lightyear travelled. This is independent of the ship's mass, speed or size, or cloaking state.

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