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Dark Wing Class Battleship image from Planets Nu


The Dark Wing is a well known ship out of the Star Trek universe. In Star Trek its called Warbird type A or D´deridex-class and is the backbone of the romulan warfleet.

The Dark Wing Class Battleship is the main warship of the Birds. It is the 3rd most powerful Torpedo ship in the game and by far the most powerful cloaker.
Like the Resolute Class Battlecruiser it has an advanced cloaking device.
It has the best strength/cost/PBP ratio of all ships.
Because of its small fuel tank, Dark Wing Class Battleships need a ship which transports Neutronium for it. Most of the time, Birdmen use Resolute Class Battlecruisers for this.

Built by

The Empire of Birds

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Dark Wing Class Battleship 10 10 8/0 2 450 170 183 110 491 150 290 910 Adv. C 80



Stellar Cartography

  • Advanced cloaking device doesn't fail inside nebulae, unlike normal cloaking devices.
  • Advanced cloaking further protects the Dark Wing Battleship against radiation. About 33.3% of the normal crew/clans are lost while cloaked.
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