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Basically when a ship starbase or planet changes ownership it is considered captured. there are two forms of capture. ship and planet.

Starship Capture

Capturing a starship is a tremendous feat. however there are many ways to capture a ship

VCR Capture

to Capture a ship during combat you must kill all crew on board the enemy vessel before his hull is destroyed. some weapons a re better suited for capture than they are for destruction. successfully killing all remaing crew awards you the capture of that ship.

Tow Capture

IF an enemy ship has no fuel on board you can simply Tow Capture by towing the fueless ship to another location, on the following turn you will have effectively Tow Captured the ship.

Friendly Code Capture

by useing Friendly Code "gsN" you can turn over your control of a ship to another player, thus allowing him to capture your ship. the player must have a ship at the same location with crew on board for this to work.

gsN - give ship to race N, where N is 1=Fed, 2=Liz, ... 9=Bots, a=Reb, b=Col
      An enemy ship of race N must be at the same location with colonists on board.

Starbase Capture

Capturing Planets

Capturing a planet occurs when you drop clans on an enemy planet in an effort to Capture the planet in tact.

Breaking a Tow

The requirements to break a tow [credit to challengespaceyard] are:

  • Two (2) or more engines
  • 25kT or more fuel
  • Warp factor at least as high as tower (after factoring in 2x gravitonic bonus for the tower, if any)
  • A waypoint longer than the square of your warp factor (even if by .1 LY, such as 81.1 LY)
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