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Starbases Comprise the epicenter of any military commander. a military commander plans his needs for global domination across the galaxy around the management of his/her Starbases. it is the hub of shipping and transport as well as the construction yard for new starships. as such a starbase must be well defended and if possible, never ever attacked or destroyed.

Constructing The Starbase

Where to Build a Starbase

picking the right planet to build a starbase at can be very tricky, things to consider when choosing a location are

  • Distance from enemy: How much fuel will your ships need to get to the front lines? Do I need to defend this planet? Is this a key spot?
  • Native Race bonuses: What bonuses if any will I receive if I build here?

Ghipsoldal: 10 engine tech
Amphibian: 10 beam tech
Humaniod: 10 hull tech
Siliconoid: 10 torpedo tech

  • Distance From Resource Planets: Are there enough resources planets nearby to support the needs of this Starbase?
  • Temperture of base : Finding the right climate will aid your base's population growth.

while there many reasons to decide on a location, choose the one the suits you best, willy-nilly starbase location selections will eventually do you more harm than good.

Resource requirements for starbase construction

Standard      Stellar Cartography
Base    200 Defense    60 Fighters Debris Disk    Radiation * Robots build standard base
120 200 0 70 145
402 0 180 242 582
340 0 120 160 380
900 6000 2000 480 1100

Total resource requirements for fully outfitted standard starbase

Construction + defense + fighter wing =

  • Duranium:320
  • Tritanium:582
  • Molybdenum:460
  • Megacredits:8900 (tech upgrades not included)

So, the total mineral requirements of a fully outfitted starbase are slightly more than the capacity of a Large Deep Space Freighter. However, if there are 162kt of existing minerals on the ground, it is possible to outfit a LDSF with a "starbase kit" of minerals and cash.

Building Starbase Defenses and Fighters

You may add to the starbase's defense strength through the use of duranium and megacredits. The higher the defense strength of a base, the better able the base is to adsorb damage from attacking enemy ships.

You may build and store up to 60 fighters in a starbase and you may put fighters on board any starship equipped with fighter bays. The fighters onboard a starbase will be used to defend the base and planet against attacks from enemy starships.

If a planet comes under attack the fighters on a starbase and the fighters on the planet's surface are launched against the attacking ship. Defense posts on the planet's surface and the defense weapons on the starbase will be fired against the attacking ship. The higher the defense strength of both the planet and the starbase, the greater number and power of the planetary beam weapons.

Factoring Defenses

  • The defense_factor = 100 + starbase_defense + planet_defense

You can compare this defense factor with starship defense factors, which are equal to the empty hall mass of the ship.

Defense factor is the resistance to enemy fire, in both shield strength and damage resistance after the shields are down.

The number of beam weapons that a planet/starbase has equals the square root of one third the defense factor.

  • number_of_beams = SQR( defense_factor / 3 )

The tech level of the beam weapons is the square root of one half the defense factor or the beam tech level of the starbase, which ever is higher.

  • tech_of_beams = SQR( defense_factor / 2 )

Purchasing Tech Levels

There are four different tech levels at every starbase.
These four tech levels are, starship hull, starship engines, starship beam weapons and starship torpedos. You must spend megacredits for each leap in tech level you take. The cost of each jump in tech levels increases as you move up in tech levels.

Your choice of starship components increases as you increase your tech level. The cost of high-tech starship components is far more than the basic low tech version of the same components.
Every starbase's tech levels are independent of all other starbases. When you build a new starbase all four tech levels normally start at level 1. Four of the native races give a tech level 10 bonus for building a starbase.

Starbase Orders

Primary Mission

The Primary base orders command instructs the base to take one of the five automatic actions.

  • Refuel: The base will load neutronium onto any ship at the bases location that is of your race or have the same friendly code as the planet.
  • Max defense: The base will automatically build up defense strength to max.
  • Load Torpedoes: Base will automatically load torpedoes of the proper type onto all ships that have torpedo launchers. The ships must be yours or have the same friendly code as the planet.
  • Unload Freighters: The base will automatically unload all cargo and money from ships at the base location that are of your race or have the same friendly code as the planet.
  • Repair Base: The base will repair 5% damage per Turn (pre-planet combat).
  • Force a surrender: The base will force all "enemy" ships with the same friendly code as the planet to surrender to the starbase. Ships without fuel will surrender no matter what the friendly codes are.

Recycling Starships

Starbases may also recycle one ship per turn. When a ship is recycled the engines and weapons are placed in storage and the hull is converted to Metals (100%).

Repairing Starships (FIX)

The starbase can fix one damaged ship per turn that is in orbit around the same planet as the starbase. This fix command also replaces mission crew.
The starbase fix command will repair all damage to the one starship. The repairs will be finished next turn. If the ship has torpedo launchers or fighter bays and cargo room, you may load torpedoes or fighters onto the ship. You may load torpedoes and fighters onto as many ships per turn as you wish, but you may only repair the damage of one ship per turn per starbase.
Fix will NOT upgrade the engine or weapon systems of a starship.

Refitting Starships

The Solar Federation is the only Race Capable of Reffiting Ships at Starbases
The Solar Federation is the only race that can upgrade the tech levels of old starships. If a Federation ship sets their mission to "Super Refit" and is at a Federation starbase for one turn. The chief engineer will remove the engines, beam weapons and torpedo launch tubes and replace the components with the highest tech level component available from the starbase's Storage. If a higher tech component is not available the chief engineer will not swap components. Old components taken off the ship will be placed in storage. Super Refit requires a full set of components for the ship to work correctly.

Building Torpedoes and Fighters

Starbases can build both torpedoes and fighters. The starbase can load torpedoes and fighters onto ships that are equipped to handle them by using the "fix" starbase command. When you build torpedoes remember to build only the torpedo type that matches the launcher types that you are using on your ships, otherwise the torpedoes will remain in storage

Building New Starships

Starbases can construct one new starship per turn per starbase from starship components in its storage. You can also construct and store new starship components such as hulls, engines and weapons for use at a later time.

Building Starship Components

The starship hull build display lists the hulls and shows you the completed design of the starship hulls that you have both the resources and tech level to build at this time in green. When you build a hull it remains in storage at the starbase until you use it to build a complete starship. The items that are in red are hulls that you do not have the tech level and/or resources to build at this time. The gray hulls are hulls that you do not have the tech level to build at this time.
All ships, except freighters, can carry weapons of some sort. The display shows you what type and the maximum number of weapons that can be mounted on the ship.
This display shows you the minimum hull tech level needed by the starbase to build a hull of this type.
The mass ( empty ) of the hull is a measure of the mass of the ship and engines with no weapons mounted, no cargo and no fuel. Max fuel is the maximum amount of fuel that will fit into the ship's fuel tank. A starship's fuel (neutronium) is superdense and needs a very strong inertial damping field to prevent damage to the ship's superstructure. This limits to amount of fuel a ship can carry. The max cargo is the maximum cargo space the ship has to carry standard cargo, such as metals ( tritanium, duranium and molybdenum ), supplies and clans.

Weapon Banks and Fighter Bays

There are different types of weapon Components that a ship may have. The main weapon Component is the beam weapon (lasers, phasers, etc.). A beam weapon draws its power from the ship's engines. Many ships have only beam weapons.
The auxiliary weapon Components can be one or more torpedo launch tubes or fighter launch bays. A fighter takes up one kiloton in the cargo hold. In combat the fighters are moved from the cargo hold into the fighter launch bay to be fueled and armed. Ships with a greater number of fighter launch bays can get more fighters into combat sooner. Fighter bays are designed into the hull and unlike torpedo launch tubes cannot be added. Some races (such as The Solar Federation) have very few, hull designs that include launch bays.
A starbase has room for up to 60 fighters to be used in defense of the base. Ships with fighter launch bays can also take on fighters from the starbase by using the load torps/fighters button.
The torpedo launch tube aims and arms standard torpedoes. A standard torpedo takes up one killoton of cargo space. In combat torpedoes are moved from the cargo hold into the launch tube. The torpedo is the most powerful weapon on any starship and has a range second only to fighters. (View the selected weapons Killing/Destructive Power)

Cost and Materials

The display shows the cost to build this hull in megacredits and the amount of Resources needed. This display also shows the amount of Megacredits in the planet's treasury and resources remaining on the planet ready to be made into whatever you see fit.

New Component Construction

If you need more starship components (hull, engines, weapons) to complete a ship use the buttons to use the hull, engine and weapon construction windows. The starship components you construct will be put into starbase storage until you need them for starship construction.

Starbase Friendly Codes

Configuration codes

  • con: Set on planet will send you the HCONFIG settings. (Shareware and Registered players)
  • noc Causes the Host program to NOT send you any configuration messages

General codes

  • bum: Will beam up all of your money from planet to all enemy starships and split evenly. (Planetary friendly code) (Shareware and Registered players)
  • mf# This is the universal minefield friendly code, where the # can be any character that can be found on the keyboard (no strange ASCII codes).

Battle codes

  • ATT: The attack friendly code will cause a planet to attack all enemy ships in orbit not if they have fuel. (some ships on special missions can not be attacked using this code) This code can be turned off by the host person. (Shareware and Registered players)
  • NUK: The nuke friendly code will cause a planet to attack all enemy ships in orbit weather or not if they have any fuel. (some ships on special missions can not be attacked using this code) This can be turned off by the host. (Shareware and Registered players)

Starbase codes

(note: all planet codes work on planets with starbases too)planet and starbase codes are one in the same when the starbase is in orbit above the same planet. there is no difference between them.

  • dmp: Will dump and recycle old parts from starbase. (Planetary friendly code) (Registered players only)
  • PBx: This code can be used to give certain starbases priority when it comes to shipbuilding. Only works if you have 20 or more priority points, replace "x" with the number in which order you want to prioritise your bases.

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