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Torpedoes are the only form of ordinance type weapons within game. they come in 10 types. and are a visual weapon used in combat. torpedoes are carried as standard cargo witihin your ship. ships must have torpedo tubes of the same class of the torpedo to be carried. torpedoes can also be converted into spacemines to create minefields. torpedoes are created at starbases with the appropriate torpedo tech level.Each torpedo type has different Damage specs.

Torpedo Launch Tubes

Launch tubes also known as Torpedo Launchers are basically the tools a ship is required to have in order to build, carry and fire torpedoes. the launch tubes and torpedoes carried must be of the same torpedo Class.

Launch Tube Materials cost and Specs

in order to be used in combat the torpedo carried within the ship must be of the same class as the the tube on the ship, i.e. a gamma bomb torpedo tube ship cannot carry proton torpedoes. the class of tubes and torpedoes must match in order to carry them.

Torpedo Tech Level Chart

Tech Type Tube Mass Torp Damage Torp Crew Kill Torp Spacemine Conversion Tube MC Tube Dur Tube Trit Tube Moly Torp MC Cost Torp Dur Cost Torp Trit Cost Torp Moly Cost
1 Mark 1 Photon 2 5 4 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1
2 Proton torp 2 8 6 4 4 0 1 0 2 1 1 1
3 Mark 2 Photon 2 10 3 9 4 4 1 0 5 1 1 1
3 Gamma bomb 4 2 15 16 6 3 1 1 10 1 1 1
4 Mark 3 Photon 2 15 9 25 5 1 1 5 12 1 1 1
5 Mark 4 Photon 2 30 13 36 20 4 1 1 13 1 1 1
6 Mark 5 Photon 3 35 17 49 57 7 1 14 31 1 1 1
7 Mark 6 Photon 2 40 23 64 100 2 1 7 35 1 1 1
8 Mark 7 Photon 3 48 25 81 120 3 1 8 36 1 1 1
10 Mark 8 Photon 3 55 35 100 190 1 1 9 54 1 1 1
  • "crew kill" value determines the number of crew the torpedo will kill if the shields of the target ship are down,
  • "Damage" value determines the damage that the particular torpedo will do to the hull or shield of a ship,
  • "Mine lay" value determines the number of mines that the tube will lay per torpedo if the ship is set to Lay mines as the primary mission. It is the square of the tube's position.

Torpedo Tube Cost Torp tube cost.jpg

Torpedo Cost Torp cost.jpg

Torpedo Damage and Crew Kill Torp damage kill.jpg

Torpedo Damage and Crew Kill per Megacredit Torp damage kill value.jpg

Mines Laid Per Torpedo Torp mines.jpg

Mines Laid Per Megacredit Torp mines value.jpg

Torpedoes Within The VCR

The VCR Begins combat when ships are within 60,000 Killicams. thats the range when Fighters can first begin to launch. Torpedoes are fired when the distance closes to within 30,000 Killicams. meaning any ship carrying torpedoes into the fight may have to survive fighter attacks before the torpedoes can launch. the number of torpedoes launched is determined by the number of tubes per folly. several folly's can be fired within a single VCR depending upon reload time, torpedo supply and damage. torpedo accuracy varies a little bit, but upon average 1 in 3 will hit the target. fighters generally are better than torps but torps are far more cost efficient, and do not get shot down by enemy beam weapons. ships carrying torpedoes have a distinct advantage when firing from the right side of the VCR. see "VCR Side Advantage for more details.

Torpedoes For Capture of Enemy Vessels

Capturing enemy vessels within a VCR occurs when all crew have been killed but the ship is not destroyed. to do this it is neccessary to choose weapons that are more likely to kill crew than do damage to the vessel. in this case when attempting to capture enemy vessels it is reccomended that you use gamma bomb torpedoes as they have a higher crew kill than its damage. all other torpedoes have higher damage than crew kill and are thus less likely to capture ships.

Torpedoes for Minelaying

When laying minefields extensively is best to determine the biggest supply of spacemines per buck. technically the mark 1 is the most cost efficient 1 megacredit per spacemine, but will take5 times as long to deliver in ample amounts. thus the recommended torpedo for minelaying is the mark 5 as it produces 49 spacemines per torpedo at a cost of 1.58 megacredits per spacemine.


  • Most effective weapons are Mark 4 Photons early game, and Mark 7/8 late game.
  • Each torpedo cost 1 of each mineral.
  • Most effective Torpedo For Capturing is the Gamma Bomb

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