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Cargo Space

Cargo Space is the space within a ship or vessel that allows the transport of metals, fuel, colonists, Supplies, torpedoes, Fighters, or megacredits. All cargo is measured in units of KT killitons. Cargo space is separated in cargo hold types, Fuel cargo, Standard Cargo and vault.

Fuel Cargo

Due to the instability of neutronium, it's cargo is separated from standard cargo. Each unit equals 1 kt.

Standard Cargo

standard cargo will hold all other goods up to the ship designs limit of cargo space in kt

1 fighter = 1 kt
1 torpedo = 1 kt
1 supply = 1 kt
1 Duranium metal = 1 kt
1 Tritanium metal = 1 kt
1 Molybdenum metal = 1 kt
100 colonists = 1 clan = 1 kt

Vault Cargo

Specifically designed for carrying megacredits only. all ships have 1 vault. all ship vaults are the same, and all vaults have a capacity to carry 10,000 megacredits at no additional weight in kt. in other words megacredits have no weight even in the amount of 10,000.

Jettison Cargo

Cargo can in an emergency be jettison into deep space to make the ship lighter so the ship can travel farther or to prevent an enemy from seizing the cargo if the ship is in danger of being captured. Ships can transfer cargo from and to any other ship located at the same location in space.

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