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Super Transport Freighter image from Planets Nu


The Super Transport Freighter has the highest cargo capacity of all freighters in the universe and the second highest (after the Merlin Class) of all ships. May be useful if you have a cluster of planets and you want to run a route logistics system instead of hub and spoke.

Built by


Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Super Transport Freighter 10 0 0/0 4 220 125 13 18 160 2600 1200 202 none 0


Comparison to Large Deep Space Freighter

Advantages of Super Transport

1. It requires fewer priority points to build, relative to its cargo capacity.

2. It has much better fuel efficiency than 2 LDSFs combined (you would need 2 LDSFs to carry the same amount of cargo, roughly).

3. It survives longer in radiation fields since it has double the crew of the LDSF.

These advantages make the Super Transport useful for long haul missions with a full cargo hold. Building a single Super Transport requires only one turn to build instead of two turns to build two LDSFs. One Super Transport will also allow you to haul slightly more cargo for a longer distance than two LDSFs. This makes the Super Transport a good choice for sending many colonists to a distant planet, relatively quickly.

Disadvantages of Super Transport

1. Its cargo capacity is so huge that you usually will not be using all of it, which makes it an inefficient use of an expensive transport.

2. It is less fuel efficient when empty or lightly loaded, compared to a single LDSF.

3. It costs 1 more Priority Point to build than LDSF.

It's usually better to have 2 LDSFs rather than 1 Super Transport. Since an LDSF is adequate for most cargo missions and is about half the cost of a Super Transport, it's better to have two ships in different places at once doing different missions instead of a single ship. If a hostile enemy is around, having two LDSFs means having two targets for the enemy instead of only one, which increases the survivability of your transport fleet.


Stellar Cartography

  • The Super Transport's weak armor prohibits it from entering debris disks.
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