Ruby Class Light Cruiser

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Ruby Class Light Cruiser image from Planets Nu


The lighter workhorse of the Crystal fleet, the heavier being the Emerald. Essentially an armed freighter, it can bring a large quantity of torpedoes into play, and ship materiel in hostile areas. However, it should fight only if necessary as it is not a strong fighter. Its best usages are as a web mine tender, battle group support, and armed freighter.

Built by

The Crystal Confederation

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Ruby Class Light Cruiser 3 4 2/0 2 95 32 47 43 120 370 390 136 none 20



The Ruby Class Light Cruiser does not currently have any addon-exclusive abilities.

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