Reptile Class Destroyer

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Reptile Class Destroyer image from Planets Nu


The Reptile Class Destroyer is the lightest cloaking ship in the lizard fleet. With it's very low hull mass and fairly economic fuel consumption it is made for reconaissance. Like all cloaking ships in the lizard fleet it is capable of towing and killing enemy freighters. Equipped with high-tec beams the Reptile Class Destroyer becomes a reasonable and dirt-cheap minesweeper. Although it's range is below the Lizard and Saurian Class Cruisers, it is still the easiest ship to refuel in enemy territory - as long as it can find weak planets or freighters to actually gain access to Neutronium.

Built by

The Lizard Alliance

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Reptile Class Destroyer 3 4 0/0 2 50 22 33 15 60 50 120 45 Cl 5


  • Has cloaking device (5 fuel/turn for cloaking)
  • Range (ly):

Full / Cloaked: 485

Full / Uncloaked: 680

Empty / Cloaked: 640

Empty / Uncloaked: 990

  • Fuel consumption per lightyear:

Full / Cloaked: 0,24kt

Full / Uncloaked: 0,18kt

Empty / Cloaked: 0,19kt

Empty / Uncloaked: 0,12kt

  • Ground Attack:

Can capture fully defended planets and starbases with up to 30.000 colonists

  • Combat in Lizard hands:

Due to it's very low crew it tends to get captured by torpedo and beam ships.

  • Can tow
  • Range and consumption are taken from a Reptile Class Destroyer equipped with Heavy Blasters and Transwarp Drive in non-stop-flight.


Stellar Cartography

  • The Reptile Destroyer loses about 50% of the normal crew/clans while cloaked inside radiation.
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