Stellar Cartography

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Stellar Cartography is an exclusive add-on for Planets Nu. It adds new types of terrain, and also updates ion storms.


Main Article: Nebulas

Nebulas are interstellar collections of ionized gas covering vast areas with a fog which is difficult to penetrate with conventional sensors.

Debris Disks

Main Article: Debris Disks

Occasionally a planetary system may have a debris disk which is a tightly packed collection of asteroids and interstellar dust and debris which can extend for several light years outside the system. These asteroid fields are impossible to navigate with large ships.

Star Clusters

Main Article: Star Clusters

Star clusters are huge collections of densely packed stars which can not be navigated by ships.

Ion Storms

Ion Storms are no longer circular. Additionally, the voltage is no longer consistent throughout the storm itself. What may be safe in one section of the storm might not be safe in another section of the very same storm. To offset these changes, ion storms appear dramatically less frequently.

Differences between NuHost and Host 3.22

This addon is available only to NuHost.