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Fighters are small one-man craft capable of either killing each other or damaging the enemy ship. Often fighters represent a late-game strength with their ability to significantly damage other capital ships.

Fighter costs

There are three ways to build fighters. In any case, fighters cost 3 tritanium and 2 molybdenum.


Fighters may be built at a starbase for 100 megacredits. Any race can build fighters at a starbase.

The Evil Empire has the ability to build free fighters at each starbase. At no additional costs beyond the base minerals an Imperial starbase will build 5 fighters per turn. VGA Planets Nu allows experienced Empire players to control their fighter production in Campaign mode.


The Robotic Imperium, The Rebel Confederation, and The Missing Colonies of Man can build fighters in space onboard carriers at the additional cost of 5 supplies each.

The Robots and Colonies must load the required cargo (3 tr, 2 mo, 5 sp each) and have their ships mission set to Build Fighters. The Rebels will build fighters regardless of mission as long as a carrier has the necessary cargo on board to build the fighters.

Any of the races in this section can also use the lfm friendly code to automatically load and build fighters.

Damage assessment

The fighter's base damage and kill rating is 1. However, the fighter can shoot 7-9 times before returning to its carrier.

Fighters can deal a lot of damage this way, but are easy to shoot down with beams. Due to the minimum damage requirements imposed, fighters work best against massive ships.