Native Race Advantages

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Adapted from Infolist v3.1 created by Eden Tan.

Native Race   Advantages
Humanoid      tech 10 hulls on SB built at planet
Ghipsoidal    tech 10 engines on SB built at planet
Amphibian     tech 10 beams on SB built at planet
Siliconoid    tech 10 torpedoes on SB built at planet
Reptilian     2X mining rate
Bovinoid      1 extra supply for every 10000 natives
              (need 100 colonists for every supply to be collected)
Avian         can overtax: in Happiness Info add an extra 10 in the formula
Insectoid     2 MC collected for every 100 colonists.  (You may have to set the
              tax rate higher than the max listed to get the 2 MC/100 colonists
Amorphous     eats at least 500 colonists/turn - may be more depending on their
              happiness; cannot be taxed; cannot be assimilated
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