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The Fascist Empire race icon from VGA Planets Nu

The Fascist Empire is a race inspired by the Klingons from the Star Trek universe. They are primarily a torpedo based race although their largest warship (the Victorious Class Battleship) is one of the least powerful capital ships in the game. Their lack of raw fire power is offset by several sinister racial advantages including two ships armed with Glory Devices (self destruction by command).

Race Characteristics

  • The Fascists fleet includes two ships fitted with Glory Devices: The D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer and the Saber Class Frigate. This device enables the ship to self destruct causing significant damage to all ships in the immediate vicinity (your own ships get just 10%/20% damage). It can also be set to trigger in the presence of cloaked ships.
  • The Fascist fleet has 3 ships which can cloak and a number of ships with 10 beam weapons, providing some small defense against fighter carriers.

Strategy Guides

Racial Abilities

  • Planet Immunity: Fascist ships cannot be attacked by enemy planets or starbases. They can however attack planets or starbases.
  • 15:1 Attack Ratio and 5:1 Defense Ratio during ground assault.
  • The Fascists are the only race who can execute the Pillage mission. This mission allows any armed Fascist ship to plunder enemy, or friendly, planets for money and supplies, killing the colonists and natives in the process (20%, plus a little more)
  • Glory Device resistance: Fascist-owned ships always take reduced damage, regardless of who actually detonates the ship
  • (NuHost only) Fascist Double Beams: All Fascist beams will recharge twice as quickly. Look at the Events Tab. If it says game was created on or after 5/17/2014 and it is a non-classic game, Fascists have 2X Beams .

Ship List

See The master ship list for a list of The Fascist Empire ships.

Important Ships

  • D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser: This is the most useful ship in your fleet. It has a mass of 175 kt, 100 Cargo room, 4 beams 2 torpedo bays and it has a Cloaking Device.
  • Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser: Level 5 battleship with a mass of 275 kt, 480 fuel tanks, 260 cargo space, 10 beams and 2 torpedo bays! This ship is amazing.
  • Valiant Wind Class Carrier: 7 Beams and just 3 bays. Only build this ship if you get free fighters from your allied race. This ship takes out 3 Patriots.
  • Deth Specula Class Frigate: 6 beams 4 torpedo bays - but a small fuel tank (140) and just 35 cargo space. Use this ship together with the D7. This ship has a Cloaking Device.
  • D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer: This ship has a Glory device. If this ship explodes, your ships at the same location will receive 20% of a mine hit of damage. At your second base build this ship or the Saber. Build them with X-rays or lasers and low tech engines.
  • Saber Class Frigate: This ship has a Glory device. If this ship explodes, your ships at the same location will receive 10% of a mine hit of damage. Build them with X-rays or lasers and low tech engines (they will explode some day).
  • Victorious Class Battleship: 10 beams 6 torpedo bays and a strong hull with 451 mass. This ship is cheap to build both in minerals and in cash.


Overall Strategy

Early Game

Build up uour home base with Engines 10 (Warp 9), Hull 5, Beams 1 and Torpedoes 5 (Mark 4). Raise up the factories to maximum and mines to at least 200. Save your money in the beginning at your home base to send out a D7 in every direction first.

The costs are: 1 D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser: 768 MC, 82 Du, 83 Tr, 135 Mo - Hull + 2 x Transwarp Drives, 4 x X-Rays + 2 x Mark4 torpedo launcher.

Build starbases frequently

Watch your next planets to decide where you should build your next base as soon as possible. Why? There you start building a fleet of Glory device ships (Hull 6 with Engine 1, X-Rays)! This is your main weapon. Be sure to have a couple of them before turn 20. Later you'll tow them with your Vics into war, and to safeguard your ships from robbing Priv cloakers.

You will go out of Duranium soon. Thats why I prefer building no Disruptors on my first D7-Scouts...but try to built Disruptors + Mark7 as soon as possible.

You have to build some freighters to bring back minerals to your home base. Don't fly through the open space with them, don't show your neighbors where your home base is.

The Fascists are the only race other than the Empire who should build a base on any planet with good temperature and some minerals. You don't need the native race advantage, because you just have to raise the hulls up to 6 and that costs 1500 megacredits. Believe me, you will have enough money...and build a D19 every turn.

Expand cloaked with the D7

Use your fantastic D7 (100 Cargo + 175 Mass) to expand (X-Ray or Disruptor beams recommended to capture freighters). Your tubes can be Mark 4 - that depends on your tactics. Use this ship to cross over distances above 81 LY. I usually send this ship out without torpedoes, just put 100 clans on board. Set down 3 clans on every planet until you reach a good one with a lot of natives. Drop down 30 clans and pillage in the same turn. Next turn the planet is yours, and you have about 30 supplies and money on board. Next turn beam down supplies and some money and beam up some minerals. Then you fly on cloaked while building torpedoes on board using the Friendly Code "mkt".

You will have 2 logistic problems: bringing home the money and bringing a lot of clans to the front to take over bases: Send out some Deth Speculas to bring home money soon.

Send out some Illwinds behind them, to bring clans and build torpedoes. An ideal little fleet: D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser, a Deth Specula and an Illwind.


Fly behind the lines

Don't attack too early. Fly behind the lines and wait with your D7 and stay cloaked on a planet until a Freighter arrives. Tow him out with Warp 1 (into the warp wells), set Primary Enemy (PE) to this race and Friendly Code (FC): NTP - so you don't destroy the freighter with your torpedos - you'll capture it. Maybe you'll get some clans to drop down ont the next planet.

Pillage & don't fight planets

Remember: You are a Warrior race, so don't wait too long to attack. Choose your Ally soon. Build some Illwinds in the early stages with X-Rays and Mark 4's and make trouble (remember: planets do not attack your ships!). Later in the game, this is your armed transport. If this ship is damaged after a fight or by a mine hit, you just have to pillage. With this big cargo room, you'll repair 52% damage from pillaging in 1 turn! This ship shots down about 40 fighters in a fight, but why fighting a planet. Pillage it. But if you want to take over a homeworld:Send 2 Illwinds, that works after 1 round pillaging.

Take over planets by beaming down clans. 100 clans will be as strong as 1000 clans, because of your ground attack ratio being 10:1. In the early stages, you'll take over every planet by dropping clans from your D7 - and if there are too many enemy clans, pillage a few turns and you'll see, there will be less.

There are two ways to fight: Never go to a planet with Primary enemy set, first have a look at what's going on. You can tow out carriers with your D7 to a couple of Vics with Glory Device ships. Try to fight carriers with 2 Glory Devices and 2 Vics with Mark 7 torpedoes (have at least 40 Supplies on board!).


Application is the trick!

Do you know "Juniper's Guide to Fascists" (By Juniper - Revised 5/29/1998)? He used this headline in his guide to explain in a fabulous way, how to get priority points using the Glory device:

"The Fascist, in order to be successful needs information. If he has enough Victorious Battleships and enough Glory devices and enough information he can both defend his territory fiercely and invade enemies successfully. Utilize Glory Ships to the max. They are your main weapons. Used in packs they are devastating.

Now, let's talk about trading lots of ships for few ships. Most races cannot get away with this. Why? Well, most races do not get priority points for the ships that it loses. If you go into battle with 2 Victorious Battleships and 2 glory devices against a Virgo, and you pop two ships you will usually lose a Victorious and the enemy loses 1 Virgo. How can this possibly be good for you? Well, first it is obvious that the Virgo would take out several Victorious without the help of the glory device and the Virgo would still live against 2 Victorious so that is clearly worse. However, with the glory devices, what happens after the battle? The enemy gets 5 priority build points from the Vicki, you get 7 from the Virgo, plus 2 for the two pop ships. This means you get 9 priority build points and he only gets 5. These are used to build ships after the ship limit is reached.

Before the ship limit is reached you can outbuild him because of the inexpensive nature of your ships and because you are building stripped down glory ships that cost about 300 MCR and almost no minerals.

After the 500 ship limit you should be able to keep up with your opponents because you have more priority build points and because your ships cost you less priority build points to build them. In order to maximize your builds you will have to make judicious use of the ship queue and the planetary PBx friendly codes."


Repair reference

Main Article: Ship Repeair Reference



The Fascists are very good to play as a single player, they can take out every other race - but if your enemy has an ally, you should choose one too:

The Solar Federation

Its great to have the Fed as an ally from the beginning, so you can built cheap Vics and let them Super Refit later in the game - by your Ally. The Feds and the Fascists together can fight all cloaking races and are a strong couple.

The Lizard Alliance

Both Races with a higher Ground attack ratio. This is terrible for your neighbors. Its good to trade a Loki Class Destroyer against a D19 or Saber Class Frigate.

The Empire of Birds

If you can choose, so try to make the Birdmen as your ally. Its hard to fight those Darkwings, they have more mass and 2 more tubes than your Vics.

The Fascist Empire

The Privateer Bands

Its very good to have some MBRs in the fleet. If you have some Glory Device Ships, the Privateer won't do anything against you.

The Cyborg

Both races can play very good together: Let the Borg take over the planets with bad government and produce clans. You use those clans (1200 clans on a LDF are good for ground attack!) for attack other planets. You can also pillage the planets for your ally. The shiplist is very good together.

The Crystal Confederation

If the Chrystal People are your ally, give them some cloakers and let them lay webmines - later you can share those ships. The Fascists can clone ships for the Chrystal.

The Evil Empire

Both races can play very good together: The Fascists can tow out defending ships, meanwhile a SSD is send to the planet/base to take over. The Dark Sense is very useful for the Fascists. The Evil Empire is very interested in Glory Device ships and Cloakers for minelaying.

The Robotic Imperium

If you can have the Robot as an ally: Do it. Ok, you can sweep a lot of mines, but beware, that the Robot could choose another ally - if its the privateer: you will loose as the Fascist! Also the Robot can offer you a Bioscan ship and fighters. The Robots are very interested in Cloakers.

The Rebel Confederation

What should I say: 2 races which are immune against the planetary friendly code: NUK / ATT. Thats perfect. Ships? Try to trade a Falcon (its fabulous to play the Fascists with some Falcons). The Rebels are really interested in your Glory Device ships and Cloakers.

The Missing Colonies of Man

Minesweeping specialists together. The Cols could built free fighters for the Fascists.



The Solar Federation

The Lizard Alliance

The Empire of Birds

The Fascist Empire

The Privateer Bands

The Cyborg

The Crystal Confederation

The Evil Empire

The Robotic Imperium

The Rebel Confederation

The Missing Colonies of Man

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