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Dogfights are a game format supported at and created by Talespin. It is a short-format game, usually taking 15-20 turns to complete. There are 8 players and 60 planets, with the "top 4 players advance" win condition. The format is quite popular. It was created by Talespin for his private tournament, but it was included in's League short-format games. In these games there is no diplomacy allowed, no communication between players, no renaming ships and no giving away ships. League Dogfight games only support Standard (as of July, 2020), but Talespin's private tournaments have used Campaign in its season 3 tournament.

Players can play any race, though in Talespin's tournaments there have been some restrictions. For season 2 (Standard), players could only play a race in only one game. In season 3 (Campaign), players could play a single race twice. This was partly done because campaign advantages are expensive to unlock for many races.

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