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Below is a list of the winners of each championship game ("Galactic Emperors"), the race of the winner, game format, and the ship that they created as a result of winning.

The list is in order in which the game finished.

# Game Winner Race Format Ship Created
1 Scorpius War SpaceSquad Crystal Classic Sapphire Class Space Ship
2 Taurus War Dungeonmaster Cyborg Classic Dungeon Class Stargate
3 Sagittarius War Mentar Colonies Classic Tantrum Liner
4 Aries War Emork Lizards Classic Zilla Class Battlecarrier
6 Leo War Joesnoffy Crystal Classic Selenite Class Battlecruiser
5 Capricorn War SMN Fascist Classic D9 Usva Stealth
7 Gemini War Darth Balls Cyborg Classic Lorean Class Temporal Lance
8 Aquarius War Emork Crystal Standard Emork's Legacy
9 Cancer War Wmerkel Crystal Standard  ?
10 Pisces War  ?  ? Standard  ?
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