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Campaign mode is a special gameplay mode available only at In campaign games, players can use new ships and racial abilities not available in Standard or Classic modes. In order to unlock these new ships and abilities, players must spend Campaign points that they earn through playing. When a player creates a new account, they start with some Campaign points and can unlock a few abilities. They gain further points by playing games, each time they conquer a new planet. Points are shown as "Megacredits" on your player's "homeworld" page. These MC can be spend for more advantages.

The new Campaign ships and racial abilities are designed to balance out the game somewhat, and make the game more fun. A lot of the ships in the original VGA Planets were "useless", so updated versions of them have been created that now have a function. Some of the races were considered weaker than others, so some of the new features are intended to redress that to some extent. Some of the Campaign abilities have also migrated into Standard over time, such as Fascist Double Beams, Starbase Fighter Transfer (Empire), and Cloak and Intercept (Birds).

As of 2019, announced the use of Kin, a new cryptocurrency, in association with Campaign points. Earning Campaign points happens concurrently with earning Kin, and they can be traded with one another.


Advantage Allocation

Each race has a Base Advantage Value (BAV) that determines how customizable they are. The lower the number, the more flexible a race is. A maximum of 500 advantage may be carried into these new games by default. The BAV is subject to change as Planets Nu evolves.

Bear in mind that all races can lay mines up to 150 LY, which is worth a total of 100 advantage. However, 30 advantage can be freed by reducing the maximum radius to 100 LY. Likewise, races that can clone can remove cloning to free an additional 10 advantage, or can upgrade to advanced cloning for 55 advantage more.

Locked Advantages

As some tech of each race cannot be disabled, each race has also been assigned a locked advantage value. This is the absolute minimum a race would have if they were to disable everything worth something that they can disable. Not that they should disable everything, as many hulls are absolutely essential to their survival in normal games.


Planets captured during the game (for the first time) or maintained when the game ends will contribute to officers' resource pools. Even Planetoids, which do not influence victory conditions, contribute towards campaign resources. Earning resources applies only to public games.

The rate that minerals are earned during the game as planets are captured is as follows:

 \operatorname{earned} = 2*d*r*t

Where d is density (converted to decimal), r is the mineral richness, appearing as vertical bars on a game's page, and t is an officer's tenacity (also converted to decimal). Each planet also awards 4 megacredits, modifiable only by tenacity.

End of game bonuses

When an officer survives the game, he is given another boost in resources. The formula this time is more complicated.

The formula for the minerals at the end of the game is as follows:

 \operatorname{earned} = 2*v*d*r*t*l

Where v is the victory bonus (currently x1-x6), d is the densities of all of the planets maintained (summed, then converted to decimal), r is the mineral richness, t is the tenacity, and l is the number of turns the officer played (1 - 0.02 for each turn short of 50). Planets maintained award 4 megacredits each, modifiable by the factors above except d and r (since they do not apply).

Estimated starting resources

Most officers are given some starting resources as well to aid in getting their first upgrades before they start their first campaign game. These starting resources seem to be based on a race's BAV, giving 8 Du, 10 Tr, 7 Mo, and 30 mc for each point below 500.

Race Du Tr Mo mc Locked BAV
Fed 440 550 385 1,650 170 445
Lizard 80 100 70 300 260 490
Bird Man 960 1200 840 3,600 95 380
Fascist 360 450 315 1,350 170 455
Privateer 80 100 70 300 200 490
Cyborg None 150 500
Crystalline 360 450 315 1,350 230 455
Empire 560 700 490 2,100 150 430
Robotic 200 250 175 750 240 475
Rebel 440 550 385 1,650 255 445
Colonial 360 450 315 1,350 240 455

Differences between NuHost and Host 3.22

This element is available only to NuHost.

Additional Information

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