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hello all, im Protomatter, ive gone by many names in the past, some may know me as Eeon, eeon Masters, proto, or Sgt Masters.

ive a long history with VGA-Planets that goes way back to tims BBS in california to the present vgap 4 games, for some you would think that makes me a threat in the game. but those that know me, know otherwise, lol. my favorite VGAP3 races in order are colonials, federation, birdmen privs bots.

my program develop expertise is mainly in assistance and design. i do not programm, but i have provided manny programmers with content, parameters and logistics for todays add-ons and new races.

i am the developer of two new races for vgap4

both of which can be found in the vgap4 wiki.
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