Tantrum Liner

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Tantrum Liner image from Planets Nu


Unique ship designed by the champion of the Sagittarius War, Mentar.

The Tantrum Liner comes equipped with Ion Shielding, making it immune to Ion storms. When it is inside of a storm, the Tantrum Liner taps into it's voltage to build up an Ion Charge. This Ion Charge can then be used to unleash a powerful Kinetic Blast at a later point.

Built by

The Missing Colonies of Man

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Tantrum Liner 7 1 0/0 1 120 6 3 16 10 10 50 2 KnB 30



This ship design is exclusive to Campaign Mode.

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