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T-Rex Class Battleship image from Planets Nu


The T-Rex Class Battleship is the strongest torper in the lizard fleet and nearly as cheap as the Lizard Class Cruiser. With it's 10 beams and fairly high mass it is the ideal ship to deal with minefields.

When it comes to fighting, the T-rex is a serious threat to all low- to midrange ships and all planets without fully equipped starbases. Against starbases and single hightec-torpers and -carriers it is paired with (and sacrificed for) a Madonnzila Class Carrier to shoot down the shields in order to let the carrier do the rest.

Against very strong carriers like the Virgo, Rush, Golem, Biocide and Gorbie Class a second Madonnzila (prefered) or T-Rex Class will be needed.

Built by

The Lizard Alliance

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
T-Rex Class Battleship 10 10 5/0 2 350 140 153 100 421 190 490 810 none 20


Range (ly)

  • Full: 515
  • Empty: 660

Fuel consumption per lightyear

  • Full: 0,95kt
  • Empty: 0,74kt

Combat Performance

  • Can capture fully defended planets and starbases with up to 110.000 colonists
  • Equipped with 25 torpedoes up to 95.000 colonists
  • Equipped with Mk7 or Mk8 Torpedos, the T-Rex Class Battleship will shoot down any Carrier Shield with 20-25 Torpedos to open the way for the Madonnzila Class Carrier. And although it is considered the weakest Tech 10 ship on paper it will destroy most of all midrange ships.

Additional Notes

Ranges were taken from a T-Rax Class Battleship equipped with Heavy Blasters, Mk8 torpedo tubes and Transwarp Drives in non-stop-flight.


The T-Rex Class Battleship does not currently have any addon-exclusive abilities.

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