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Ships can move only when loaded with sufficient Fuel and when outfitted with engines capable of making the journey. The high technology used for the engines results in better fuel efficiency, especially with regards to faster speeds.

The amount of fuel required is based upon the total mass of your ship and all its cargo.

There are three ships in the game that have Gravitonic Accelerators. These are the Meteor Class Blockade Runner, the Br4_Class_Gunship and the Br5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat. These three ships travel at a rate of twice that of a normal ship. At warp factor 9 these ships will travel 162 light years in one turn.

There are also 3 ships that possess a Hyperdrive. The Pl21 Probe (Empire), B200 Class Probe (Cyborg), and Falcon Class Escort (Rebel).

You can set multiple way points using Shift+Click, Multiple waypoints are visible only to yourself.

Tables taken from Infolist v3.1 created by Eden Tan.

Normal Movement Formula

Normal_x = rnd(warp^2/(way_x^2 + way_y^2) * way_x) - .5
Normal_y = rnd(warp^2/(way_x^2 + way_y^2) * way_y) - .5

NOTE: These formulas are correct for approximately 90% of movements 
THOST: Taken from Donovans:
fueluse = TRUNC [fuelfactor * ( TRUNC (mass/10) ) * ( (TRUNC(distance) / maxtravel) / 10000 ) ]
NU acts like PHost:
Taken from Phost-Helps
Fuel consumption = TRUNC(ERND((FuellessShipMass+ShipFuel)/10)* 10*FUEL_CONSUMPTION_RATE*TRUNC(DistanceToTravel))

Hyperjump Formula

final_x = ERND(x+350*dx/ERND(sqrt(dx^2+dy^2)))
final_y = ERND(y+350*dy/ERND(sqrt(dx^2+dy^2)))

NOTE: ERND() is a rounding function which rounds normally to the nearest 
      integer, except when the the number to be rounded ends in exactly 0.5.
      Then, it rounds to the nearest even number, e.g. 8.5 rounds to 8 and
      9.5 rounds to 10.  The innermost ERND() can be just a simple RND()
      (round to nearest integer) since the square root of an integer will
      never end in 0.5.  Formula courtesy of Andrew Sterian.

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