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Saurian Class Light Cruiser image from Planets Nu


The Saurian Class Light Cruiser can be considered as the little elegant brother of the Lizard Class Cruiser. It has a reduced hull mass, one torpedo tube less and shows due to that a lower fuel consumption. This makes the Saurian Class very versatile for cloaked reconnaissance and freighter attacks deep in enemy space.

While the Lizard Cruiser is capable of taking out enemy key ships like the Cobol, D7 Coldpain and Firecloud, the Saurian Class will only be seen when laying mines, attacking a freighter, or the enemy's fighter production.

Built by

The Lizard Alliance

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Saurian Class Light Cruiser 7 4 2/0 2 85 32 67 23 120 150 260 336 Cl 10


General Performance

Ranges and fuel consumption under ideal circumstances in non-stop-flight.

Range (ly)

  • Full / Cloaked: 520
  • Full / Uncloaked: 630
  • Empty / Cloaked: 775
  • Empty / Uncloaked: 1065

Fuel consumption per lightyear

  • about 30% less than the Lizard Class Cruiser
  • Full / Cloaked: 0,5kt
  • Full / Uncloaked: 0,41kt
  • Empty / Cloaked: 0,33kt
  • Empty / Uncloaked: 0,25kt


  • Can capture fully defended planets and starbases with up to 90.000 colonists
  • Can produce up to 50 torpedoes
  • Can repair up to 30% damage per turn
  • Can take 1 mine hit (83% damage)
  • Has cloaking device (6 fuel/turn for cloaking)

Combat Performance

The following list has been tested with equally equipped ships with Mark7 torpedoes and Disruptor beams. Different set ups can result in different outcomes.

Will destroy

  • Aries Class Transport
  • Armored Transport
  • B200 Class Probe (chance to capture)
  • B222 Destroyer (shields low)
  • B41 Explorer (captures)
  • Bohemian Class Survey Ship
  • BR4 Class Gunship (captures)
  • BR5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat (chance to capture)
  • Brynhild Class Escort
  • Cat's Paw Class Destroyer (very heavy damage)
  • Cobol Class Research Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer
  • D7a Painmaker Class Cruiser
  • Deep Space Scout
  • Dwarfstar Class Transport
  • Eros Class Research Vessel
  • Falcon Class Escort
  • Fearless Wing Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • Firecloud Class Cruiser (damage)
  • Gemini Class Transport
  • Iron Slave Class Baseship
  • Lady Royale Class Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • Large Deep Space Freighter
  • Little Joe Class Escort
  • Little Pest Class Escort
  • Medium Deep Spacce Freighter
  • Mig Class Scout
  • Neutronic Fuel Carrier
  • Nocturne Class Destroyer (damage)
  • Onyx Clas Frigate (very heavy damage)
  • Opal Class Torpedo Boat (captures)
  • Outrider Class Scout
  • PL21 Probe
  • Qtanker (captures)
  • Quietus Class Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • Red Wind Class Carrier (captures)
  • Reptile Class Destroyer (captures)
  • Ru25 Gunboat
  • Ruby Class Light Cruiser (very heavy damage)
  • Saber Class Frigate (damage)
  • Sage Class Frigate (damage)
  • Sagittarius Class Transport
  • Serpent Class Escort
  • Sky Garnet Class Destroyer
  • Small Deep Space Freighter
  • Small Transport
  • Super Transport Freighter
  • Swift Heart Class Scout
  • Taurus Class Scout
  • Topez Class Gunboat
  • Vendetta Class Frigate (very heavy damage)
  • Watcher Class Scout
  • White Falcon Class Cruiser (damage)

Equally strong

  • Bright Heart Class Destroyer (very heavy damage) (50/50)
  • Cygnus Class Destroyer
  • D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser
  • Gaurdian Class Destroyer
  • H-Ross Class Light Carrier
  • Iron Lady Class Frigate (chance to capture)
  • Patriot Class Light Carrier
  • Skyfire Class Cruiser

Will be destroyed by

  • Annihilation Class Battle Ship
  • Arkham Class Frigate (damage)
  • Automa Class Baseship
  • Banshee Class destroyer (heavy damage)
  • Biocide Class Carrier
  • Bloodfang Class Carrier
  • Crystal Thunder Class Carrier
  • Cybernaut Class Baseship
  • D3 Thorn Class Destroyer
  • Dark Wing Class Battleship
  • Deth Specula Class Frigate
  • Diamond Flame Class Battleship
  • Diplomacy Class Cruiser
  • Emerald Class Battlecruiser (damage)
  • Golem Class Baseship
  • Gorbie Class Battlecarrier
  • Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser (damage)
  • Instrumentality Class Baseship
  • Kittyhawk Class Carrier
  • Lizard Class Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • Loki Class Destroyer (damage)
  • Madonnzila Class Carrier
  • Merlin Class Alchemy Ship (damage)
  • Meteor Class Blockade Runner (heavy damage)
  • Missouri Class Battleship
  • Moscow Class Star Escort
  • Nebula Class Cruiser (damage)
  • Neutronic Refinery Ship (damage)
  • Nova Class Super Dreadnought
  • Pawn Class Baseship
  • Resolute Class Battlecruiser (damage)
  • Rush Class Heavy Carrier
  • Scorpius Class Light Carrier
  • Super Star Carrier (shields down)
  • Super Star Cruiser
  • Super Star Destroyer (damage)
  • Super Star Frigate (damage)
  • T-Rex Class Battleship
  • Thor Class Frigate
  • Tranquility Class Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • Valiant Wind Class Carrier
  • Victorious Class Battleship
  • Virgo Class Battlestar


Stellar Cartography

  • The Saurian Light Cruiser loses about 50% of the normal crew/clans while cloaked inside radiation.
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