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Saber Class Frigate image from Planets Nu


Although it has 10 beams, the value of the Saber is that when its Glory Device is detonated other Fascist ships in the area sustain half the damage (10% of mine hit) that would have been inflicted by a D19b Glory Device (20% of mine hit). For a cheaper fighting ship with 10 beams build the Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser.

The with the right friendly code, Saber's glory device will cause it to explode when an unfriendly cloaked vessel enters the area. This explosion damages all ships in the area, exposing the cloaker. While perhaps not as good as a Loki, there are no races with Glory Device immunity and the GDs give the Fascists a rudimentary but effective defense against cloaking ships.

Friendly codes:
pop - explode the ship (after movement)
trg - explode the ship if a cloaked ship is detected (after movement)
(Note: In, ships with glory devices don't need fuel to self-destruct; but in earlier versions of Host, fuel is required for these FCs to work.)

Built by

The Fascist Empire

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Saber Class Frigate 8 10 0/0 2 280 25 35 95 153 25 150 420 GD, RS 35



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