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The Production Queue (or simply PQ) serves as an alternative construction system to the "universal ship limit" as outlined in its annoucement. It serves to mitigate build concerns, allowing construction to continue even after the (soft) ship limit by altering the priority builds. There is still a hard 999 ship limit

Notable Differences

There are a number of noticeable differences between the two build systems, nearly radically altering the flow of the games that use this system.

Priority builds

First and foremost, because priority builds allow a game to go over the ship limit, all priority builds take place first. Furthermore, priority builds are now "manual", allowing a player to spend them at any time (even if under 21 priority points, or simply PP). Consequently, this step occurs once in a PQ host order, and that all priority builds cost, by default, 1 PP more than they would under the traditional build system.

Normal queue

Due to the differences involved, it is difficult to truly call this a build queue anymore, as the starbase list is shuffled at the start of each turn. Leftover ship slots after priority builds (if any) will be filled by as many normal builds as possible, giving any empty docks along the way that did not priority build 2 PP to their owners, by default. Although this step is given two chances, it otherwise occurs once per turn: one just after priority builds, and another one after combat

If the ship list fills up (assuming it wasn't already full) on the first pass, then the queue pauses until after combat occurs and resumes afterward (again, assuming any free slots left).

PP stealing

Players that successfully destroy starbases will, by default, steal 2 PP for each starbase they destroy, assuming the owner(s) of these bases have enough to lose that many. This assumption is likely, as all planetary combat occurs after ships have been destroyed.

Host order clip

Here's a clip of the PQ host order containing notable steps, keeping in mind that the normal build steps are linked together

  • Priority builds
  • Normal builds
  • Cloning
  • Movement/Combat
  • Normal builds

Differences between NuHost and Host 3.22

This element is available only to NuHost.

Additional Information

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