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This page is too list the Planets Nu Client Add-ons, their descriptions, and their download links. How to Install Scripts Add-Ons

For other planets Nu tools check Planets Nu Tools.


Quapla Scripts

Improved Hover-Text (BETA)

Jim Clark (Maclav) Scripts


  • Old Planetary Management Plugin v2

Scroll down to Dotman Script and get V3
Planetary Management Plugin v2

Automatic Gravity Well Movement

- Enables auto usage of gravity wells and auto warp

Ship templates

- Adds saving to and building from ship templates

Send diplomats to all

- Send diplomats to all players

Improved hover text

- Adds Dark Sense and Super Spy info to planet hover text. Also adds additional info for ships and bases.

VCR Sound Damper

- Makes overlapping VCR sounds sane

Big Beefer Scripts



Mine Scoop Patch

Ion storm prediction

Minefield Fader Plugin

Improved movement indicators

Show mine hits

Add info to fleet pics

Message links add-on

Show ship history

Improved hover text

Dtolman Scripts


Planetary Management Plugin v3

Planetary Management Plugin

Improved Ship List ViewV2.4

Fleet UI

Clan Display and Temperature addon for Starmap

Colonial Minesweep DisplayV0.2

Color Coding for Planets NuV2.2

Kedalion Scripts

Downloads (Greasyfork)
Downloads (Monkeyguts)

Enemy Ship List Plugin v1.33

Open Slot Filter Plugin v0.22

Idle Object Visualizer Plugin v0.61

Sensor Range Plugin v0.31

Territory Map Plugin v0.31

Extended History Graphs Plugin v0.61 - NU Plugin Template (This is a EMPTY game client plugin for intended as a starting point for other plugin developers.)

Robodoc Scripts


Gravitonic-connections V1.3

Gravitonic-connections V1.3

Do you have ships with gravitonic engines? Are you at war with a race with gravitonic ships? Do you want another perspective on the universe? Do you like the "Connections" Map Tool? Shows paths between planets that can be reached by gravitonic connections. Paths in red indicate planet connections than can be reached in one turn at warp 9 by a ship with gravitonic engines. Connections that can be reached using non-gravitonic engines are not shown - use the built-in "Connections" tool instead.

Usage: To show connections, click on "GravConnect" from the Map Tools menu. To hide connections, click on "GravConnect" again.

V1.3 Added HYP connections, and w9 connections

See Also

Planets Nu Tools

Other Links

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Help is needed to list add-ons that are compatible with latest version of planets nu client, and do not break other useful scripts. Please add all non listed scripts that are working with latest planets nu client.

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