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Pillage is a race advantage. It allows a ship to kill natives and clans on a planet and also provides income from the attack. The attack will kill 20% of the natives and 20 percent of the colonists and create 100 supplies and 100 MCR from every million natives.

Any Fascist starship with beams can plunder a planet for money and supplies. A Fascist ship with it’s mission set to Pillage Planet will pillage the planet it is orbiting after movement, if that planet is owned by anyone. The Fascist can pillage enemy planets, as well as allied or even their own planets if they desire to do so. The Fascist Pillage mission is not cumulative: a planet can only be pillage by one ship at a time. If multiple Fascist ships are set to pillage a planet only the one with the lowest ID will actually Pillage.

Effects on the planet

As a result of the pillaging, one megacredit is generated for every 100 native clans (10,000 natives) and one megacredit is generated for every 100 colonist clans (10,000 colonists). Additionally, 1 supply-unit is made for every 100 native clans and another supply-unit for every 100 colonist clans. After this has been done, 20% of the natives plus an additional 120 clans are killed. Also 20% of the colonists plus an additional 20 clans are killed. Pillaging will also reduce the happiness of both colonists and natives by 10 points.

All megacredits and supplies will be stolen by the Fascist ships after they carried out the pillage.

The planetary population sends out a distress message to it’s central command, informing them of the planet’s troubled situation. The message includes the planet’s ID number, a short version of the effects of the pillage mission, and the number of clans left after the pillaging. The Fascists automatically receive a copy of this message because they scan broad-range communications during pillaging. They just love to hear about the terror they’ve struck among their enemies.

How to pillage

  • pillage amorphous planets by dropping down 1 clan each turn.
  • pillage planets with bad income until there are less then 2 Million
  • if you want to pillage more then 1 round, just drop down 1 clan in the first turns - at the last turn drop down 30 clans
  • if you pillage foreign planets (owned by other players) you don't need to beam down clans - you can pillage
  • the pillage mission will act after movement, so you can fly to a foreign planet and pillage in the same turn! However, this can also be stopped by the opposing ships
  • remember: pillaging kills 20% of its colonists + 20 clans
  • for every 10.000 natives on a planet 1 supply unit will be generated: "So, a population of say 1 Million will produce a 100 supply stockpile!!
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