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Missouri Class Battleship image from Planets Nu


The Missouri Class Battleship is a well known ship out of the Star Trek universe. In Star Trek it is called the Galaxy Class Starship, which was the ship type for the Enterprise-D and one of the strongest Federation Starships in the latter half of the 24th Century.[1]

The Missouri is the main warship of the The Solar Federation. It is not one of the most powerful torpedo ships in the game, nor is it the most powerful torpedo ship the Federation can build. The Nova Class Super-dreadnought is the Federations most powerful ships. However a wise ferederation commander will have far more Missy's, as they are sometime affectionately called, as opposed to Nova's. The reason is that two Missy's can be built for the price of one Nova, and a fed player can heavily utilize Super-Refit to upgrade their components on their Missouri's to be far more effective than the rest of the the races ships.

Because of its small fuel tank, the Missouri Class Battleship will be paired with a Nebula Class Cruiser for fuel and torpedos, as well as Kittyhawk Class Carriers for support in fighting her BB's and Heavy Carriers. A Missy-Kitty-Missy combo can easily destroy most Heavy Carriers in the game at a favorable PBP ratio of 7PBPs for a dead Rush/Virgo compared to 5 PBP's for a lost Missy and lost Kitty.

Built by


Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Missouri Class Battleship 8 8 6/0 2 510 140 143 150 395 170 260 810 none 20



The Missouri Class Battleship does not currently have any addon-exclusive abilities.

Ship Names

Matching to the class leader USS Missouri it might be obvious to use the names of the US states.
☛ 1 Alabama, 2 Alaska, 3 Arizona, 4 Arkansas, 5 California, 6 Colorado, 7 Connecticut, 8 Delaware, 9 Florida, 10 Georgia, 11 Hawaii, 12 Idaho, 13 Illinois, 14 Indiana, 15 Iowa, 16 Kansas, 17 Kentucky, 18 Louisiana, 19 Maine, 20 Maryland, 21 Massachusetts, 22 Michigan, 23 Minnesota, 24 Mississippi, 25 Missouri, 26 Montana, 27 Nebraska, 28 Nevada, 29 New Hampshire, 30 New Jersey, 31 New Mexico, 32 New York, 33 North Carolina, 34 North Dakota, 35 Ohio, 36 Oklahoma, 37 Oregon, 38 Pennsylvania, 39 Rhode Island, 40 South Carolina, 41 South Dakota, 42 Tennessee, 43 Texas, 44 Utah, 45 Vermont, 46 Virginia, 47 Washington, 48 West Virginia, 49 Wisconsin, 50 Wyoming

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