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Madonnzila Class Carrier image from Planets Nu


The Madonnzilla Carrier is the most expensive fighting ship in the lizard fleet, thanks to the fighters it requires, and the right fist of the T-Rex / Madonnzilla battlepair. While it only has four beams and five fighter bays, it develops a strong punch against carriers and torpers which have been damaged by a sacrificed T-Rex Battleship, leaving even the four strongest carriers in the game severely damaged.

The secondary purpose of the Madonnzilla Class is the transfer of fighters to border bases, and supply for bigger carriers the Lizard Alliance sometimes trades for. With it's fairly small fuel tank (for lizard standards) it sometimes has problems to return safely to the next starbase, where it can be repaired and refitted with fighters. The Madonnzilla Class should only fight against mid- to hightec carriers and hightec torpers, because even for the lizard economy every load of fighters is hard to build.

Built by

The Lizard Alliance

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Madonnzila Class Carrier 9 4 0/5 2 420 110 123 90 331 150 290 910 none 10


Range (ly)

  • Full: 440
  • Empty: 585

Fuel consumption per lightyear

  • Full: 0,66kt
  • Empty: 0,5kt

Combat Performance

Ground Attack

  • Can capture fully defended planets and starbases with up to 90.000 colonists
  • Equipped with 100 fighters up to 30.000 colonists

Space Combat

  • Always in pairs with the T-Rex Class Battleship shooting down the shields before the Madonnzilla Class strikes
  • This combination defeats all ships except the Rush Class, Golem Class, Biocide Class and Gorbie Class, for which a third ship (preferably Madonnzilla Class) is needed
  • Should be equipped with at least 90-110 fighters before combat.

Additional Notes

Range and consumption are taken from a Madonnzila Class Carrier equipped with Transwarp-Engines and Disruptors in non-stop-flight.


The Madonnzila Class Carrier does not currently have any addon-exclusive abilities.

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