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Lizard Class Cruiser image from Planets Nu


The Lizard Class Cruiser is the workhorse of the Lizard fleet. It has a very large cargo hold and can cloak, making it ideal for dropping clans on enemy planets (remember the 30:1 Lizards ground combat ratio!). However, the downside to this ship is its fuel consumption; it really is a gas guzzler, and it can be hard to refuel deep in enemy territory. As such, always make it part of a convoy if you're invading someone, and a better choice for freighter robbing would be the Saurian, which is lighter and consumes less fuel at the cost of 1 torpdeo tube. You could use the Reptile too, but it's small fuel tank and tendency to get captured makes the Saurian ideal.

As far as all-around warships go, this ship is OK, and at tech 4 it's a strong ship to build early in the game. However, later on it won't stand up to most enemy ships, and it would be better to build T-Rexes as war ships.

Built by

The Lizard Alliance

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Lizard Class Cruiser 4 4 3/0 2 190 42 81 30 160 290 330 430 Cl 20


General Performance

Range (ly)

  • Full / Cloaked: 444
  • Full / Uncloaked: 525
  • Empty / Cloaked: 772
  • Empty / Uncloaked: 1060

Fuel consumption per lightyear

  • Full / Cloaked: 0,74kt
  • Full / Uncloaked: 0,63kt
  • Empty / Cloaked: 0,43kt
  • Empty / Uncloaked: 0,31kt
  • Uses about 50% more fuel than the Saurian Class Light Cruiser


  • Can capture fully defended planets with up to 150,000 colonists
  • Can produce up to 96 torpedoes
  • Can survive up to two mine hits (62% damage each)
  • Can repair up to 58% damage per turn (290 supplies)
  • Can tow

Combat Performance

When it comes to 1:1 fighting, the Lizard Class Cruiser is ranged around the top third of the overall shiplist, beating 73 enemy ship types and being beaten by only 26, of which nearly all can be considered as pure battleships. With this it is capable of taking out most of the enemy key ships, if both are equipped with Mark 7 torpedos.

In many cases it has to return to a starbase to be repaired, or needs to take a great portion of supplies to perform a self-repair for several turns. Very surprising is the performance versus the Virgo Class Battlestar and the Super Star Destroyer.

Will destroy

  • Aries Class Transport
  • Arkham Class Frigate (heavy damage)
  • Armored Transport
  • B200 Class Probe
  • B222 Destroyer
  • B41 Explorer
  • Banshee Class Destroyer
  • Bohemian Class Survey Ship
  • BR4 Class Gunship
  • BR5 Kaye Class Torpedo Boat
  • Bright Heart Class Destroyer
  • Brynhild Class Escort
  • Cat's Paw Class Destroyer (damage)
  • Cobol Class Research Cruiser (damage)
  • Cygnus Class Destroyer (damage)
  • D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer
  • D3 Thorn Class Destroyer (heavy damage)
  • D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser (heavy damage)
  • D7a Painmaker Class Cruiser
  • Deep Space Scout
  • Deth Specula Class Frigate (heavy damage)
  • Dwarfstar Class Transport
  • Eros Class Research Vessel
  • Falcon Class Escort
  • Fearless Wing Cruiser (shields down)
  • Firecloud Class Cruiser (damage)
  • Gaurdian Class Destroyer (heavy damage)
  • Gemini Class Transport
  • H-ross Class Light Carrier (shields down)
  • Iron Lady Class Frigate (captures) (damage)
  • Iron Slave Class Baseship
  • Lady Royale Class Cruiser
  • Large Deep Space Freighter
  • Little Joe Class Escort
  • Little Pest Class Escort
  • Loki Class Destroyer (damaged)
  • Medium Deep Space Freighter
  • Merlin Class Alchemy Ship (captures) (heavy damage) (50 torpedoes)
  • Meteor Class Blockade Runner
  • Mig Class Scout
  • Moscow Class Star Escort (heavy damage)
  • Nebula Class Cruiser (very heavy damage)
  • Neutronic Fuel Carrier
  • Neutronic Refinery Ship (captures) (heavy damage) (60 torpedoes)
  • Nocturne Class Destroyer (damage)
  • Onyx Class Frigate (damage)
  • Opal Class Torpedo Boat
  • Outrider Class Scout
  • Patriot Class Light Carrier (very heavy damage)
  • Pawn Class Baseship (damage)
  • Pl21 Probe
  • Q Tanker (captures)
  • Quietus Class Cruiser
  • Red Wind Class Carrier
  • Ru25 Class Gunboat (captures)
  • Ruby Class Light Cruiser (shields down)
  • Saber Class Frigate
  • Sage Class Frigate (shields down)
  • Sagittarius Class Transport
  • Sky Garnet Class Destroyer
  • Skyfire Class Cruiser (damage)
  • Small Deep Space Freighter
  • Small Transport
  • Super Star Frigate (captures) (heavy damage)
  • Super Transport Freighter
  • Swift Heart Class Scout
  • Taurus Class Scout
  • Topez Class Gunboat (captures)
  • Tranquility Class Cruiser (damage)
  • Valiant Wind Class Carrier (damage)
  • Vendetta Class Frigate (heavy damage)
  • Watcher Class Scout
  • White Falcon Class Cruiser

Will be destroyed by

  • Annihilation Class Battleship
  • Automa Class Baseship
  • Biocide Class Carrier
  • Bloodfang Class Carrier (shields down)
  • Crystal Thunder Class Carrier (damaged)
  • Cybernaut Class Baseship (shields down)
  • Dark Wing Class Battleship (shields 50%)
  • Diamond Flame Class Battleship (shields 50%)
  • Diplomacy Class Cruiser (damaged)
  • Emerald Class Battlecruiser (heavily damaged)
  • Golem Class Baseship
  • Gorbie Class Battlecarrier
  • Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser (damaged)
  • Instrumentality Class Baseship (shields down)
  • Kittyhawk Class Carrier (shields down)
  • Missouri Class Battleship (shields 50%)
  • Nova Class Super Dreadnought (shields 50%)
  • Resolute Class Battleship (heavily damaged)
  • Rush Class Heavy Carrier
  • Scorpius Class Light Carrier (damaged)
  • Super Star Cruiser (damaged)
  • Super Star Carrier (damaged)
  • Super Star Destroyer (damaged)
  • Thor Class Frigate (heavily damaged)
  • Victorious Class Battleship (shields 50%)
  • Virgo Class Battlestar (shields down)

Additional Notes

Ranges are taken from a Lizard Class Cruiser equipped with Disruptors, Mk7 torpedo tubes and Transwarp Drive in non-stop-flight.

Fighting results are taken from ships equipped with Mk7 Torpedo tubes and Disruptors

  • Shields down: shields are down after fight and up to 10% damage
  • Damage: ship is damaged with 10% to 50% damage
  • Heavy damage: ship is damaged with 50% to 100% damage
  • Very heavy damage: ship is damaged with 100% to 150% damage


Stellar Cartography

  • The Lizard Cruiser loses about 50% of the normal crew/clans while cloaked inside radiation.

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