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The Imperial Assault is a special ability available only to the Super Star Destroyer (or simply SSD). Combined with the passive Planet immunity, it is incredibly powerful. Any race that controls SSDs can perform the ability.


  • Can capture any planet, regardless of number of defending clans or defense posts. Activated by dropping 10 or more clans onto the planet.
  • SSD has Planet Immunity and thus cannot be attacked by any enemy planet.
  • Will destroy all Defense Posts and Burrows on the planet
  • Can arrive there fuel-less when accompanied by a cloaked ship to prevent enemy ships from attacking.


  • Easily destroyed by mid-sized enemy ships.
  • Must be undamaged and fueled to perform planetary assault
  • Low fuel tank makes it easy to be robbed or drained of fuel and then subsequently boarded.
  • All defense posts are destroyed, making the planet extremely vulnerable to a counter attack, especially a 15:1, or even a 30:1, counter ground attack.
  • Can be prevented by robbery, if it causes the ship to lose all of its fuel. There is a workaround available (by dropping some fuel along with the clans), but this tactic is unavailable in NuHost.
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