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Warp well. Note the points in orange


Hyperdrive is a special ability available to the B200 Probe, Pl21 Probe, Falcon Escort, and Sapphire Space Ship. This ability allows these ships to instantly jump about 350 light years in a specific direction at a cost of 50kT of neutronium.

Hyperdrive is activated via using the HYP friendly code and setting a waypoint of at least 20ly away. Hyperdrive overrides standard movement. A ship can hyperdrive anywhere between 340 and 360ly. If a waypoint is set outside of this range, then it will jump a flat 350ly instead.

Planetary Warp Wells

Hyperdrive treats warp wells a little differently than normal travel. The four specific points that exactly 3ly away from the planet will cause the ship to jump to the warp well instead of reaching the planet.

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