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The Glory Device is a hull function that acts as a self-destruct feature. Although all hull models belong exclusively to the Fascist fleets, the device can be triggered by any race in possession of a ship equipped with the device.

These hulls below are each given varying degrees of friendly splash damage relative to a mine hit.


There are two principle activation triggers for the Glory Device:

Manual Trigger

By setting the friendly code of the ship to 'POP' the Glory Device will be activated. The ship does not need fuel, however it will fail to trigger if it is destroyed beforehand by a mine/webmine hit or an ion storm. This code always detonates before the Warp Chunnel step in Host Order. On Planets.Nu even without any Crew due to Radiation Halo's, detonation is still possible.

Cloak Detection Trigger

By setting the friendly code of the ship to 'TRG' the glory device will activate if certain criteria are met, keeping in mind the effects the shockwave has on cloaked ships:

  • The Glory Device ship and a cloaked enemy ship are present, the Glory Device ship has it's mission set to KILL
  • The Glory Device ship and a cloaked enemy ship are present, and the Glory Device ship has the Primary Enemy set to that of the cloaked ship

Note: At Planets.Nu the KILL! mission will reset on a ship without fuel if anything interacts with it, such Robbed, Webmine hit, Webdrain or runs out-of-fuel while moving.


When triggered, the devices detonates the ship and causes 1 mine hit worth of damage (exception: D7b pop does half damage) to all ships at the location AFTER the movement phase. Any cloaked ships caught in the detonation are decloaked regardless of the damage level to prevent cloak setting.

Fascist ships, along with ships belonging to the player who owns the Glory Device ship take only the friendly splash percentage as listed in the overview. When a glory device is triggered over an foreign planet the following additional damage will be done:

Note: Numbers of Colonists/Natives/structures destroyed are rounded down, so one of each will always remain no matter how many detonations occur.

Ship Repair Reference

This reference is for Fascist players that need to plan how to handle their fleets when Glory Device(s) are used. Cargo numbers are bolded for those ships which can repair themselves on the same Turn as the detonation happens, provided they have enough Supplies onboard after they get hit by a Glory Device.

Tech Name Mass Cargo 20% FSD 10% FSD
1 Small Deep Space Freighter 30 70 335 165
2 D7a Painmaker Class Cruiser 170 120 60 30
2 Little Pest Class Escort 75 20 135 65
3 Neutronic Fuel Carrier 10 2 dead dead
3 Medium Deep Space Freighter 60 200 165 85
4 D7 Coldpain Class Cruiser 175 100 55 30
4 Small Transport 30 50 335 165
5 Ill Wind Class Battlecruiser 275 260 35 20
5 D3 Thorn Class Destroyer 90 40 110 55
6 Large Deep Space Freighter 130 1200 75 40
6 Valiant Wind Class Carrier 180 80 55 30
6 Deth Specula Class Frigate 113 35 90 45
6 D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer 96 40 105 50
8 Saber Class Frigate 153 25 65 35
9 Neutronic Refinery Ship 712 1050 15 5
10 Super Transport Freighter 160 2600 65 30
10 Victorious Class Battleship 451 130 20 10
10 Merlin Class Alchemy Ship 920 2700 10 5

Formulas used:

  • =ROUND(10000/mass*0.2)*5 for D19b Glory Device Explosion
  • =ROUND(10000/mass*0.1)*5 for Saber Glory Device Explosion

hitdamage = Round(10000/(m+1));

d7bhitdamage = Round(hitdamage / 2);

d7bfriendlydamage = Round(d7bhitdamage * 0.2);

Differences between NuHost and Host 3.22

  • Stellar Cartography: Any non-Robotic ships that get hit by a Glory Device while in radiation will immediately take a loss in crew and colonists equal to the radiation due to the sudden hull breach
  • Campaign: The D7b, D19c, and Saber Shield Generator designs are exclusive to NuHost
  • NuHost does not require a Glory Device ship to have fuel in order to use any of the triggers. Host 3.22, on the other hand, requires fuel on a trg code involving a kill mission


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