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Adapted from Infolist v3.1 created by Eden Tan.


Notes Regarding FC's at

Friendly Codes that match exactly will prevent combat, however VGA allows the use of mixed case sensitivity codes. and to prevent combat the codes must match in case sensitivity as well.


  • HYP vs hyp = combat..does not match case sensitivity
  • lfm vs Lfm = Combat..does not match case sensitivity
  • hYp vs hYp = no combat.. matches exactly
  • lFm vs lFm = Combat between ships..despite exact match, lfm is an exception towards matching friendly codes for combat purposes

however when performing functions or missions the case sensitivity will still work

Example of mkt, MKT, mKT all perform the make torpedoes mission this is true for all VGA friendly codes


att - attack all enemy ships in orbit with fuel (*)
nuk - attack all enemy ships in orbit with or without fuel (*)
bum - beam up MC to foreign ships in orbit, split evenly
con - have host send a listing of the current host configuration
dmp - dump all parts in starbase storage bins if a SB orbits the planet. All
      parts will be converted to minerals and dumped onto the planet 
      surface.  Fighters and torpedoes are not dumped.

*att/nuk will not work on Rebels and Fascists if that host config is enabled.
*att/nuk will not work on an SSDt.


Hyperjump-capable Probes

hyp - ships capable of hyperspace will hyperspace about 350 ly in a
      direction if there is enough fuel, a waypoint farther than 20 ly is 
      set, and a nonzero warp is set **** YOU CANNOT TOW SHIPS ****

Alchemy Ships

ald - change supplies into duranium only
alm - change supplies into molybdenum only
alt - change supplies into tritanium only
nal - do not convert supplies/minerals into minerals/fuel

Glory Device Ships

pop - explode the ship after moving if they have fuel
trg - explode the ship after moving if a cloaked ship is detected and they have fuel

Ships with Torpedo Launchers

mdh - mine drop half your torpedoes
mdq - mine drop one quarter of your torpedoes
md# - mine drop (# * 10) torpedoes if you have them (1 corresponds to 10)
miN - mine in identity N, to lay mines in other races names
mkt - build torpedoes if correct cargo and money are on board
msc - scoop up your mine fields and convert them back into torpedoes
ntp - do not fire torpedos in battle

Ships with Fighter Bays

lfm - load minerals and supplies to build fighters (Robots, Rebels, Colonies only)
ntp - do not launch fighters in battle


bdm - beam down MC to a planet, regardless of who owns it
btf - beam transfer fighters to all enemy carriers at the same location
btm - beam transfer MC to all enemy ships at the same location
btt - beam transfer torpedoes to all enemy ships at the same location with the same torp tech
nbr - No Boarding Party - Prevents ship under Tow From Being "Tow Captured" when tow target 
      has no fuel.


cln - clone ship at a planet with a SB.  SB tech levels must be higher than
      the ship being cloned.  Cost is 200% the MC for building the ship,
      and will cancel normal ship building of the SB in most cases.  The
      money and minerals are beamed directly from the planet, and no parts
      on the SB are used.  The Privateers and Crystals cannot clone.  
      Ships cannot be cloned if the race can already build them.
gsN - give ship to race N, where N is 1=Fed, 2=Liz, ... 9=Bots, a=Reb, b=Col
      An enemy ship of race N must be at the same location with colonists on board.
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