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Falcon Class Escort image from Planets Nu


The Falcon is one of just 3 ships that can Hyperjump and the one with the biggest cargo room. This allows it to travel between 340 and 360 ly in just one turn. Since the Falcon has fuel for 3 jumps in a row it is extremely useful as a transporter for small amounts of cargo or Megacredits. The Falcon allows the Rebels to expand extremely fast in the early game phase and lets you find out who your neighbours are very early.

Built by

The Rebel Confederation

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Falcon Class Escort 2 2 0/0 1 50 5 5 12 30 120 150 27 Hyp 40


The Falcon is a very versatile ship. Possible use cases are:

  • transport money/minerals/clans quickly over long distances
  • sudden Rebel Ground Attacks on far distance planets (it is of advantage to know if any enemy ships are in orbit at the target)
  • if equipped with Heavy Phasers: jump into minefields and sweep them. This is of high advantage when fighting the Crystals.


Stellar Cartography

  • The Falcon Escort can be hidden from ships more than 1ly away by ending its turn inside an asteroid field.
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