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Friendly Codes cln Clone.
Tells the Starbase that you own and are in orbit with to make an exact copy of the ship with this code. This will in most cases cancel out the normal starship building on the starbase any turn that there is a starship with this code in orbit.

The Ship Limit

Once the games 500 ship limit is reached no more cloning can take place unless you have advance cloning campaign feature. If you have more than 20 Priority Build Points you can both build a normal ship at a starbase while you are also cloning the ship.


  • The warp speed and waypoint of any ship that is being cloned (has the friendly code to cln) is set to 0 during the movement phase of the game. A cloned ship can not move by itself.
  • From recent test for the Planets Magazine, a ship set to cln can be cloned if towed or even if chunneled away, but no single ship can clone twice in a turn.

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