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(Not to be confused with Priority Intercept Attack)

The "Cloak and Intercept" mission is available for the Birdmen at in Standard mode. Cloak and Intercept allows a ship to both cloak and intercept a target ship at the same time. If Primary Enemy is set to the target ship's race, the Bird ship will attack that ship. It will then remain cloaked and not attack any other ships.

This ability is useful for selectively raiding an enemy's ships without sacrificing a ship of your own. It is also useful without having PE set, allowing it to intercept a ship or fleet. After intercept, you can tow away a target ship for capture, or if a ship has no fuel, you can beam 1 fuel unit aboard and destroy it.

If a target ship becomes no longer targetable (e.g. cloaks, is destroyed or is out of range), the intercepting ship's mission will reset to 'cloak' and primary enemy will be reset.


This was originally a Campaign ability, but as of 2017 it became Standard for Birds.

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