Bright Heart Class Destroyer

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Bright Heart Class Destroyer image from Planets Nu


The Bright Heart puts 4 tubes in a cheap ship but otherwise is of limited usefulness. Its two engines make it expensive to use at warp 9, and its light hull mean it does not last long in combat to use its 4 tubes. It is good at destroying light ships though, as well as planets.

The best use of Bright Heart is probably as a tower, since it has two engines. It can be used to tow enemy ships to a waiting Dark Wing or Resolute. It is economical to produce as a cheap patrol ship, support ship or cloaked minelayer at low-tech starbases. Build with Mk.4 torps if possible before upgrading beams. Warp 5 engines are cheap while decent, and can be overdriven to warp 8 when needed.

Now that the Cloaked Intercept mission is standard for Birds, the Bright Heart may have more usefulness. A group of Bright Hearts can intercept an incoming fleet (without setting PE), then tow valuable ships away, breaking up the fleet.

In campaign mode, the Bright Heart Light is a single-engine version, which makes it much cheaper to use with a good engine.

Built by

The Empire of Birds

Hull specs

Name Tech Beams T/F En MC Dur Tri Mol Mass Cargo Fuel Crew Abilities Adv
Bright Heart Class Destroyer 3 2 4/0 2 140 22 43 15 80 40 90 122 Cl 5



Stellar Cartography

  • The Bright Heart Destroyer loses about 50% of the normal crew/clans while cloaked inside radiation.
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