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Blitz is a 1 on 1 short game (average 10-30 turns), with 16 planets instead of the usual 500.
It can be played at Planets Nu.
Blitz games will end when a player resigns, a player misses three turns in a row, or one player has 90% military score. Playing Blitz will not affect your tenacity. You can look at the current Blitz Leaderboard.

It is a great way to learn the game.


Win Condition: MilitaryScore (90%)

   Planets: 16
   Star Clusters: 0
   Nebulas: 0
   Debris Disks: 0
   Max Ion Storms: 4


  • The race of each player is unknown until after the first turn has started. This is a change from earlier settings, where the first player's race was visible before the game started.


  • Sometimes the game hang when crating a blitz, wait 60 seconds, and reload the game tab if the game is not created.
  • Sometimes when you create a Blitz game their is only 2 planets and the homeworld are at the same location, just delete the game, and remake.

You may have to wait 24 hrs when those bug occur, I have recreated many blitz the same day and all add the same bug (24 hours later everything was back to normal). LordLancelot (talk) 18:47, 27 October 2014 (PDT)

  • If a player is removed from a blitz game by missing three turns in a row (thus crediting a loss), the other player is credited with a win, but the game is still active, allowing uneven win-loss totals throughout the ladder.

Lodda Tips

  • Look at mineral density at start, it can differ from usual games alot and can influence strategies, ship buildings etc.
  • Develop planets away from your enemies, not in his path to your HW. Usually blitz is brutal, and many warships flying around. I often did normal game approach , sent 1000s of clans to good planets, just to have them wiped out by a strong attack quite early.
  • Rush strategy seem to work often, no need for economic buildup with most races and in most games. Rebel and Colonies worked quite well for me.
  • don't over expand, planet count doesn't mean anything, military and developed planets near home is much more valuable.
  • don't make warp 9, warp 7 and overdrive is fine on these small maps, i have not run out of fuel yet. (maybe there are exceptions on strange maps, I have one very strange now, 5 planet vs 11 planet cluster, separated by gap over 81 LY, first gap i have in blitz :))
  • always beam up the stuff you need most, every mineral/fuel counts.
  • don't waste money and minerals on beams in most cases, other stuff seems to be more important, i go with plasma bolts. Exceptions maybe against crystals, or robots?
  • set ntp if you tow freighters with torpedo ships, you like to capture them, not destroy them. Built slots are precious, usually you wont need/be able build second base, except maybe with lizard or other special cases.
  • don't delay transferring minerals/cash home, next turn the enemy might take your cash planet, and build fighters/torps with your stuff, every turn counts.
  • don't make too many fighters with free fighter races, 90 per big carrier is fine, you dont need 300 fighters and 1 carrier. observe your tritanium demand and supply.
  • standart tech for me: warp 7, plasma bolt, mark 4.

Lord Lancelot Tips

  • First if you the one creating the game, I would avoid the Privateer they can be easily beat by a few races Fed and Lizard for example.
    • When your creating the game, it would be wise to not click turn done, until you know what race your playing against and adjust your ship building.
  • Expect an enemy tech 10 Warship at your Homeworld by turn 7 and sometimes even earlier.
  • Warp 7 engines are your friends
  • If you watch the Military score change inside the game, and use Shipyard you can get a pretty good idea what the enemy is building.
  • Some Races tend to do poorly in blitz, the most notorious would be the Borg.
  • For a list of Races (and players) who are doing great you can check the Blitz Leaderboard.
  • Most of the Blitz games you will not need to make new Starbase.
  • Basic Turn one:
    • Put 200 cargo: clans, supply and money into your starting warp 9 medium and send it to a planet 1 turn or less from your HW, one away from your enemy would be best.
    • Build Max mines, max factory and set tax to -30 happiness.
    • Build a ship, and plan ahead to have resources to keep building a ship every turn.

List of Current Active Blitz players


Feel free to add your name to the list.

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